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The Monterey Bay has a wealth of natural beauty and is sought after by those young and old. Those starting out their careers and those ending their careers, love the areas' weather and variety of leisure and food choices. As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist( SRES) I've been trained in some of the concerns that face those that are nearer to the sunset than their children. In this Monterey Bay Real Estate and Health Blog for Seniors  you'll find articles about events and going on here in the Monterey Bay from Carmel to Santa Cruz. Real estate articles, event article and things about our health that can be of importance to people of any age. So you'll find Monterey real estate articles, things to do on Carmel homes for sale for getting the best price to, considerations on a Pacific Grove condominium and if condominiums are the right home style for you.


Nov. 28, 2018

Lost Building Permits? Issuance When Original Permit Does Not Exist

searching lost building permitsWhat to do when you lose your building permits:

Requires the adoption of a building standard to authorize a local enforcement official to determine the date of construction of a residential unit, apply the building standards in effect at that date of construction, and issue a retroactive building permit when a record of the issuance of a building permit for the construction of an existing residential unit does not exist. READ MORE...

Senate Bill 1226 is codified as Health and Safety Code § 17958.12. Effective January 1, 2019.

June 4, 2018

Upgrading Your Home – Redesigning for Happy Aging

upgrading home, redesigning for seniorsOnce upon a time your house was filled with the laughter and happy chaos of children but now they have all grown up and moved away from the family home. Should you be looking for other Pacific Grove homes for sale? Why not consider instead remaining in your familiar home and neighborhood and upgrade and redesign the spaces to better meet your needs as you grow older.

Many older adults choose to downsize to smaller homes once their children move out on their own but many more choose the option of upgrading their current family to make it more “user friendly”. The facts are that with aging the body sometimes just can’t do what it once did, as well as it did. That does not mean however that you need to move away from the treasured family home and all the memories made and stored there. Upgrading the family home to meet your current and future needs is a viable and acceptable option.

Upgrading and Redesigning for Better Functionality

Your family home likely had more than one storey to it, with numerous bedrooms and likely more than one bathroom. Even though your kids have moved out you know they will be back, filling the house once again during holiday gatherings, or simply for surprise visits. And if they should have children of their own in the future you will definitely need those rooms and extra bathrooms.

For now, for you and your partner, the house can be redesigned to make your everyday life easier. Simple additions and adjustments can make for less strain and chance of injury, ease of movement, and better accessibility.

Ideas and Tips to Help You with Your Redesign Plans:

As you may already be aware aging does not always happen as gracefully as we hope. Illness, injury, and circumstances beyond your control can lead to difficulties with mobility, coordination, and decreased energy levels. Redesigning your current house will make it much easier for you to remain in the family home, comfortably.

tips redesign home for seniorsThe main areas that you should focus on are the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, with future considerations to widening doorways, stairways, and easier access to the outdoor spaces. To help with some ideas and inspiration you might consider visiting some Pacific Grove homes for sale in you area to see how others have handled redesign issues.

Create a Bedroom on the Main Floor

Consider converting that downstairs den or extra living/dining space in to a main floor master bedroom. Removing or adding a wall can help create the perfect space. Besides, with the children gone from the household there probably isn’t any reason why you should be climbing stairs fifteen times a day.

Create a Bathroom on the Main Floor

If there isn’t a bathroom already in existence on your main floor you can take a little used closet or pantry space and convert it in to a simple two piece bathroom.

Revamp and Redesign an Existing Bathroom

If there is a bathroom on your main house floor then consider making some simple changes. For example, you might install touch faucets. These are wonderful additions for anyone dealing with arthritic changes in the hands.

New non-slip flooring is ideal for everyone including those grandchildren you may someday have come to visit. Plus there are some real elegant walk-in shower/tub designs that come highly recommended by doctors and therapists.

Kitchen Redesign
A total redesign of the kitchen can be a costly endeavor but it might not be necessary. Making simple changes such as easier grip knobs/handles on cupboards and rearranging the contents of those cupboards may be all that is necessary.

You might also consider installing an island that has a lower counter top and a built in microwave for better access and preparation space.

Replacing faucets with motion or touch sensors can also make a huge difference in ease of use.

Elevators and Stair Lifts
If accessing the upper levels of your home on a near daily basis is not an option but it is proving to be a challenging one physically the options of installing an elevator or stair lift system are available and less expensive than you may think. If you are planning on remaining in the family home for many more years then the cost of such installations will be well worth the investment.

Both of these options will require professional installation; this is not a job for a “do-it myself-handyman” kind of job.

Main Floor Laundry
With the children gone you will undoubtedly need to frequent the laundry room less often. As with your master bedroom it may make your life more comfortable moving the laundry room to the main floor. And while you are at it why not consider smaller washer and drying machines.

Outdoor Spaces
Large outdoor spaces are great for growing kids but now all that space may seem overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider when upgrading your home:

*  Consider redesigning the garage door to include an automatic lift and a lighter weight material
*  Install self-cleaning gutters along your roof
*  Fill in the below ground pool, or remove the above ground. If you plan on keeping the swimming pool then consider hiring someone for regular maintenance

Other Considerations:

Hired Help
If finances allow you might also consider hiring help to help with the household cleaning. Though the kid’s rooms won’t be used on a regular basis they will still be in need of regular cleaning.

There are many things you can to your existing family home that will allow you to remain living there comfortably as you age. Keeping the familiar doesn’t have to mean struggling with the daily tasks of life. With some simple redesign and upgrades your family home can continue to make more memories to be cherished for many more generations.

Nov. 28, 2017

Is It Possible To Cure Liver Cancer?

curing liver diseaseCould Pacific Grove home owners someday benefit from new advances in CRISPR gene editing treatment for genetic diseases? 

MIT researchers have recently developed a method of using nanotechnology to deliver CRISPR gene-editing components into mice for treating defective genes in liver cells. Previous CRISPR delivery methods have used viruses that might in some cases elicit possible immune responses from the body. The new study demonstrates for the first time that you can make a nanoparticle that can be used to permanently and specifically edit the DNA in the liver of an adult animal. The success rate for cutting certain genes in 80% of liver cell using this new delivery system was about 80 percent, the best ever attained with CRISPR in adult animals. 

Daniel Anderson, associate professor of chemical engineering at MIT, and member of the MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science is senior author of the study on the Pcsk9 gene which regulates cholesterol levels. He reports that mutations of the Pcsk9 gene in humans is associated with a rare disease called familial hypercholesterolemia. This disorder is treated with antibody drugs that inhibit the Pcsk9 gene and which must be taken on a regular basis for the patient's entire life. Using the new nanoparticle method, the faulty gene is permanently edited in one treatment. Furthermore, the same methodology gives promise for treating other diseases of the liver. 

The CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing treatment consists of the Cas9 DNA-cutting enzyme together with a short RNA which guides the Cas9 to a specific area of the genome where the DNA should be cut. Researchers generally depend on viruses to transport the gene as well as the short RNA guide segment. In 2014, Anderson and his colleagues demonstrated a non-viral CRISPR delivery method that cured the tyrosinemia liver disorder in an adult mammal. However, the delivery method used then consisted of a high-pressure injection that could also cause damage to the liver. The research team subsequently discovered how to package the messenger RNA encoding Cas9 into a nanoparticle while still using a virus to carry the short RNA guide. This hybrid packaging technique succeeded in editing the target gene in 6 percent of hepatocytes, enough to treat tyrosinemia. 

Using the viral delivery method in the body has some drawbacks. After a particular virus has been used, the patient will develop antibodies to it, preventing it from being reused. In addition, some patients will have pre-existing antibodies to the viruses being tested to deliver CRISPR.

In order to use the entire nanoparticle delivery method, the MIT researchers first needed to determine how to modify the RNA guide to protect it from enzymes in the body that would normally break it down before reaching its destination. By analyzing the sgRNA structure of the Cas9 and RNA guide and testing multiple combinations, they learned that up to 70 percent of the guide RNA could be modified without affecting the sgRNA and Cas9 binding. At the same time, the modifications enhanced the molecular activity. 

The modified RNA guides or enhanced sgRNA were packaged into lipid nanoparticles and injected into mice together with nanoparticles containing the mRNA for Cas9. The researchers were abled to eliminate the Pcsk9 gene in over 80 percent of liver cells, eliminating the Pcsk9 protein to undetectable levels in the mice. Total cholesterol in the treated mice also dropped by about 35 percent. 

Anderson and his colleagues conclude that having a fully synthetic nanoparticle that could turn genes on and off is a powerful tool for other diseases beside Pcsk9. Since the liver is an important organ as well as a source of diseases for many people, having a way to edit the DNA of the liver while still using it could be the key to treating still more diseases. 

Here's another leading story about using CRISPR to fight cancer in human patients that could intrigue Pacific Grove home owners. 

In October 2016, Chinese researchers inserted modified immune cells into a lung cancer patient at West China Hospital. The immune cells had been modified from blood extracted from the patient and treated with CRISPR/Cas9 to disable the gene that expresses the PD-1 protein that inhibits a cell's immune response. That clinical trial will be performed on ten patients each receiving two to four injections of re-engineered cells. The results will be studied to establish the safety of the treatments and determine whether any harmful effects have occurred. 

Six months later, the second medical researchers at Nanjing University launched a second human clinical trial involving twenty patients with different cancers – gastric cancer, lymphoma, and nasopharyngeal carcinoma. The aim of this second trial is to restrain specific genes from preventing the patients immune system from fighting the cancers. The first patient suffering from late-stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma had received the first injection, and reported to be doing well after a week. 

The first human CRISPR clinical trial in the US has now commenced in November 2017 at the University of Pennsylvania involving 18 patients with various cancers. The thrust of the trial is to assay the safety of CRISPR treatment on humans rather than on curing the diseases. Which country, US or China, wins the CRISPR cancer curing race is less important than the curing the diseases in question.            

Nov. 20, 2017

Housing Trends November 2017 - Source for Real Estate Market Information

housing trends november 2017

Welcome to the most current Housing Trends eNewsletter. 

This eNewsletter is specially designed for you, with national and local housing information that you may find useful whether you’re in the market for a home, thinking about selling your home, or just interested in homeowner issues in general. 

Please click on this link to view the Housing Trends November 2017 Newsletter 

The Housing Trends eNewsletter contains the latest information from the National Association of REALTORS®, the U.S. Census Bureau, reports and other sources. 

Housing Trends eNewsletter is filled with local and national real estate sales and price activity provided by MLSs and the National Association of Realtors, U.S. Census Bureau key market indicators, consumer videos, blogs, real estate glossary, mortgage rates and calculators, consumer articles, and local community reports. 

If you are interested in determining the value of your home, click the “Home Evaluator” link for a free evaluation report: 

Sound decisions can only be made with accurate and reliable information, and I am happy to be a trusted resource for you. Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with this monthly eNewsletter, and I look forward to answering any questions you may have and to the opportunity to be your REALTOR® in the future. 

Gregg Camp
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Oct. 23, 2017

Eco Friendly Bridges May Save Time and Money for Carmel Valley Home Builders

Carmel Valley is an incredibly beautiful area with unique terrain. The terrain is one of the appeals of living here, but it also means that Carmel Valley homes for sale are often on steep hills or otherwise face potential access challenges created by the terrain itself. 

However, there is a solution. New research shows that glulam timber bridges can last between 75 and 90 years under ordinary use at the relatively low traffic levels you are likely to see on county and township roads in parts of Carmel Valley

glulam bridgeThese are bridges built from glulam, an engineered wood product that combines wood strips with glue to create a superior structural component compared to unmodified wood timbers. They are also cost effective. 

The research was conducted at J. Lohr Structures Lab. They calculated the typical load and stress tested the bridge to simulate use over a long time frame. The amount of stress incidents the structure survived suggests that such bridges can last for decades.

The bridge they tested was donated by Gruen-Wald Engineered Laminates of Tea. The U.S. Department of Transportation and the South Dakota Department of Transportation worked together as co-sponsors. 

Such bridges take less time to build than other alternatives. This is beneficial to the community by keeping road closures to a minimum. As we've seen with Big Sur fires or the slide that took out the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, getting a community back and thriving depend, on speed and cost. For smaller roads and private residences these glulam bridges may one day have their day.

This type of bridge also fits in well with the aesthetic of Carmel Valley homes for sale and the neighborhoods and townships in which they exist. They are attractive wood bridges that go well with the laid back, down to earth atmosphere of the area.

Glulam are great for people who are concerned about the environment. Glulams utilize all different sizes of smaller lumber in their construction. It keeps the benefits of being customizable. The layers can be tailored to the performance needs of the projects, making it more reliable, more consistent and stronger than natural wood beams. However, wood treatments have changed and are much more environmentally friendly than they once were.

Such bridges are substantially cheaper than conventional bridges. In some cases, the cost of construction can be only half to three quarters of the typical cost of building a bridge in the same spot. They can also be built in a single day. They do not require special equipment, nor special training, to build.

The researchers concluded that these bridges are low cost, structurally viable and durable while also being sustainable, green and eco-friendly. They have the added benefit of being relatively quick and easy to install.

glulam bridgeSuch bridges can span a space of up to 80 feet. The test bridge was 9.5 feet wide and 50 feet long. This approximates a one lane country bridge. It was made from three glulam girders and 13 deck panels. The design was intended to meet the standards of the American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) HL-93 truck load.

It was stressed with 32,000 pounds-force at the rate of one load per second. This allowed them to simulate decades of normal wear and tear in a much shorter period of time. They concluded that this design meets the AASHTO specs and can readily be serve low traffic areas, such as county or township roads. 

One thing the study did not consider is the character of the neighborhood, but it is something builders will want to consider. This type of timber bridge is not only eco friendly, it looks the part of being an old fashioned bridge that fits the character of the area. 

This gives you the best of both worlds. It is modern, engineered glulam wood construction, superior to the materials used back in the day. Yet, it looks similar to historic wood bridges. This allows a neighborhood to meet a number of potentially conflicting standards. 

This is good news for builders and locals. It isn't necessary to decide which you value most and pick the solution that meets that criteria. You don't have to choose between aesthetics, good engineering, or eco friendly design. 

You can build a bridge that meets all those standards. Furthermore, it does it while bringing costs down and reducing the amount of time a road is closed while installing or upgrading the local bridge. It's a win/win/win scenario.            

July 10, 2017

Killer Kettlebell Workout Benefits in Monterey County

kettlebellGet a grip, Californians---A killer kettlebell workout in Pacific Grove burns fat and sculpts sexy muscles! Plus, it improves balance, strength and stability!

Think mini bowling ball with a handle. That best describes what a kettlebell is. And like weight-training with dumbbells, a kettlebell can also be lifted, pushed and pulled during a workout. The difference is in the freedom and versatility of movement.

With a kettlebell class in Pacific Grove, you can row, press, swing and jerk the cast iron equipment in different directions with one or both hands. The heart gets pumping, and it makes for a super aerobics exercise with resistance training. It's a gorgeous, oceanview city whose real estate offers plenty of recreational activities.

A kettlebell workout is great for all ages, including seniors, living in the prime real estate of the Pacific Grove area. And although the equipment might look intimidating, it really isn't. Kettlebells range in weight from 2lbs. to 175lbs. That's quite a huge range, meaning there are many benefits to this exercise at individual abilities.

Of course, instruction using a kettlebell is very important. Exercising with too heavy a kettlebell can cause injury to the spine, neck and so forth. There are a lot of kettlebell classes available across gorgeous Pacific Grove real estate to keep up with this addictive, 'krazy' workout. So it's best to see the proper movements in person and to experience correct stature and follow-through.

Seniors who have purchased real estate in Pacific Grove can safely learn how to use kettlebells for a rewarding and healthy exercise. Everyone can get a total body workout in a small amount of time. According to the American Council on Fitness, a 20-minute kettlebell workout can burn around 272 calories.

Jessica Biel and Penelope Cruz are just two of the body-beautiful female celebrities who swear by a kettlebell workout. And Matthew McConaughey enjoys swinging the kettlebell around to maintain his incredible physique.

Katherine Heigl also fell in love with the workout several years ago, and has continued on the kettlebell 'kraze.'

"I was probably in the best shape of my life before Knocked Up but I hated going to the gym. I’ve now found a woman who teaches kettlebell classes. It’s a mix of cardio and weight training but I only do it for 20 minutes twice a week and it has changed my body shape,” Heigl says.

Kettlebell classes in Pacific Grove. Sounds like a great way to burn calories and tone the body! P.G. has small-town hospitality with some of the most impressive real estate around. It's a great quality of life!

Find places to work your kettlebell urges in Monterey County. Home of the following local businesses:

July 9, 2017

How an SRES Real Estate Broker Can Help With Aging In Place

seniors real estate specialist in santa cruz caWhether it is you or a loved one, transitions can be difficult, especially if those transitions are part of the aging process. Having knowledgeable people on your team can make the that transition easier. For seniors who want to age in place, working with a real estate agent who specializes in the concerns of senior clients can be a plus. A senior real estate specialist or SRES is an important team player when determining how you will spend your golden years. They receive training about the resources available to senior clients and have a well-developed sensitivity to those clients' concerns. 

Aging in Place

Aging in place is a choice made by responsible adults about how they want to spend their retirement years. It is a plan to put as little burden as possible on loved ones and the community as these adults age. This plan includes decisions about how you want to live, which services you think you will need, and how you want decisions made about things like health care, finances, and how you want your home to be set up. In the event that these plans may include moving into a new place that may better accommodate your changing needs, you should contact an SRES. Aging in place can begin with a review of your current home and how it can be better suited to your changing mobility.

Seniors Real Estate Specialist

A Senior Real Estate Specialist ( SRES) is someone who has had training and experience in the specialized needs of senior clients. For example selling a home that one has lived in for a long time-- perhaps raised a family in-- can be an emotionally charged process. A Seniors Real Estate Specialist understands that, and knows how to proceed with tact and compassion. 

Your SRES is likely to have contact with other services and resources that cater to senior clients, such as senior moving services, businesses, attorneys, landscapers, hospitals and home health aide services. They will also be familiar with the ins and outs of senior financing options including social security and reverse mortgages. 

Housing Options For Seniors

Your SRES will be familiar with the housing options available to seniors and be able to give you insights into the pros and cons of each. Each community has housing that is designed for those who are approaching the sunset.

Single Family Homes

single family home for seniorsA senior who wishes to age in place can stay in a traditional single family home and maintain their independence. There are also communities specifically set up for people who are 55 years and older. These communities for active, mature adults generally offer condominiums, or apartments with as little worry as possible about maintenance. Grounds are kept by a staff and the community offers amenities specifically geared toward seniors. These are a great option for senior adults who do not require intense medical assistance or need supervision.

Living With a Family Member

Sometimes the best option is to live with a family member. For the family member—often an adult child-- this might mean getting their home renovated to accommodate their elderly companion or even finding a new home. Sometimes just offer their loved one a bedroom is sufficient. For elderly family members who wish to remain as independent as possible, however, an attached apartment or mother-in-law suite with a separate entrance may be a better solution. The important part is having family nearby to help with their changing needs and provide companionship.

Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities are great for adults who are still capable of independence but may need additional help with things like cleaning or household chores. Generally this is apartment-style living that offers levels of assistance which can include meals provided in communal dining areas, planned activities and even nursing and personal care.

Care For Alzheimer's and Dementia

dementia signsNot every community will have the appropriate facilities to assist residents with declining memory. If your loved one needs memory care, you will need to seek out a facility that offers those services. A community designed to provide memory care can not only keep residents safe but can help to ensure their quality of life. Care can include things like a closed unit to prevent residents from wandering away and getting lost or hurt. They can receive greater levels of direct personal care as their needs change. It can also provide activities planned for people with their specific needs. These residents also find great benefit in socializing with others on their cognitive level. 

For retirees developing a plan for ever changing needs may include finding a home that will meet those needs. Dealing with the possibility of leaving a home where there is comfort and familiarity as well as a lifetime of memories can be challenging. Finding a real estate agent that specializes in the concerns and requirements of these clients and adding that agent to your team can be one of the best things you can do to mitigate some of the stress associated with change. If you are looking for a real estate agent to be a part of your transition team seek out one with SRES training.

June 25, 2017

Townhome or Condominium Living - Is it For You?

Carmel Townhome or Condominium Living 

When shopping for a new home, one of the biggest decisions involves choosing the type, after your location decision. If you’re considering a condominium or townhome, here is what you need to know to help you decide if either will be a proper fit.

Definition of a Condo

A condominium, generally referred to as a condo, and is similar to an apartment: It is one unit in a building that has multiple dwellings. The difference is that you own a condo but rent an apartment. However, a condo is usually confined to one level. Normally they will have one or two balcony's.

Condo Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of moving into a condo is that you won’t have to worry about any exterior repairs or maintenance issues because they will be handled by the association. Depending on the condo, you can also save on utility bills. That’s because the association often covers part of them. Many also come with amenities such as fitness centers and security services. Some Carmel condominiums for sale include cable TV, water and garbage include in the HOA fee. Because the cost of the land is divided amongst the units a developer can often have a superior location available at an attractive price. A Carmel condominium with an ocean view comes at a considerably better price than that of a home.

Having the exterior maintenance taken care of makes a condo ideal for people who have busy lives and don’t have time to spend on upkeep. Additionally, people of a mature age, and those with health conditions, often choose condos because they don’t have to worry about the physical effort it takes to deal with repairs and maintenance. However, active people enjoy Carmel condo living as well because they can take advantage of on-site fitness centers. Additionally, the potential security factor holds appeal for single adults, families with children, and Carmel seniors alike. Many complexes will have elevators when they're over 2 levels. Some Carmel condominiums have secure gated entrances, while others, have secure doors that require a key or card to enter. Others have their garages attached or secured parking so you can enter your home or condominium building securely.

Condo Disadvantages

Condo living can come with compromises in privacy. You might have to listen to noise that travels through ceilings, floor and walls. How distracting this might be, and how much sound you’ll have to deal with, depends on the luck of the draw and how considerate your neighbors are. Recreational space is limited. If you do get yard space, you will have to share it. Parking can be difficult, unless the building has designated spaces or a communal garage. There are with most complexes an allowance for pets, so size and number can be factor in your decision. Unfortunately barking dogs are a nuisance whether you own a home or condominium, or townhome in Carmel.

Definition of a Townhome

The terms townhome and townhouse refer to the same type of dwelling. They're often used interchangeably with the term condo. While they both offer the same type of lifestyle, there are some differences. Townhomes are connected to each other and form a row. A townhouse has multiple levels while a condo has one. Since condos aren’t always ground floor units, they usually don’t come with yard space while a townhome usually has a small backyard or patio, small front lawn, or both.

Townhomes come with most of the same advantages and disadvantages that condos have, especially in regards to privacy and maintenance. They do offer some other benefits and challenges.

Townhome Advantages

Because townhomes are attached to each other, townhouses are more like a home and give one a bit more privacy in my opinion. No one will be above you. Maintenance costs are generally covered by home owners associations. Since townhomes generally cost less than single-family homes, you can get the space and multi-level lifestyle of a single-family residence without the price tag. Townhomes have the benefit of living like a traditional multi-story home, but without the maintenance of a single family home.

Townhome Disadvantages

Buyers with an imaginative eye who picture themselves tearing down walls and wanting to add or change windows and door sizes or locations, can find townhome living too restrictive because they are usually part of a planned living development. This means that all renovations need approval from the home owners association. You won’t even be able to change exterior paint colors without prior consent. These developments can be called "PUD's, or planned unit developments or PD's planned developments. Vertical living and numerous stairs might present problems for people with health issues. You will likely need board approval for the type of windows or features that will be visible from the outside. You may have to pay for some of the exterior upkeep such as decks, or an enclosed backyard.

When evaluating your personal preferences between a condo, townhouse or single-family home, consider financing and resale aspects as well. While townhomes are generally more affordable than single-family residences, their resale value can lag behind too in certain markets. Additionally, it can be more difficult to secure financing for townhouses and condominiums because of banking regulations in regards to occupancy rates. On the other hand, these factors can work in your favor, especially when bargaining with sellers.

Carmel California townhomes for sale come in a wide range of styles. What I find most often are the considerations for people buying a townhome in Carmel come down to location, price and whether they want to deal with a HOA. Often times we Americans like to make our choices and not be ruled over. So for many the decision is that they don't want to deal with an HOA, but have to balance their budget reality with the location they choose. Contact us regarding the Carmel condominiums and townhomes for sale and where you'd like to be.

Carmel condominiums tend to be in a few areas, let us know the type of location you prefer and we'll see what's available. Happy condominium shopping in the Monterey Bay area !
May 25, 2017

How To Make Your Home Safe And Secure For Your Senior Years

29798 Highway 1, Carmel, CA 93923As people age, it's important for them to do all that they can to make their golden years healthy and happy. While there are many steps that should be taken to realize this objective, preparing the home for one's senior years is incredibly important. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that the home preparation process can decrease the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Luckily, preparing your home for your senior years can be relatively simple. Use the information and instructions outlined below to complete the process quickly and correctly:

1. Move Downstairs

One of the best ways to increase your level of safety within the home is by moving downstairs. Maintaining a bedroom upstairs is a recipe for disaster. This is the case because living upstairs will require that you travel up and down the stairs throughout the day. Doing so will increase the likelihood of unwanted trips and falls. Another issue with living upstairs is that doing so can make it more difficult for you to leave the home in the event of an emergency. An alternative to moving downstairs is relocating to a single level home. If you're considering this option, note that you can purchase Camel homes for sale that conform to your requirements for safe, secure living.

2. Use Proper Lighting

In addition to moving downstairs, make sure that you use proper lighting. Poorly lit regions of the home will make it difficult for you to move freely. Also note that without proper lighting, you're more susceptible to trips and falls that result from not seeing objects that may be in your path as you walk from one room to another. As you optimize the lighting in your home, make sure that you pay special attention to keeping your stairs and halls well lit. 

3. Check The Carpet

A leading issue in falls amongst seniors is loss of footing or tripping due to carpet. Within the geriatric care setting, managers carefully examine floor coverings when they complete fall hazard assessments to decrease the senior's susceptibility to stumbling, slipping, or tripping. These assessments need to be completed within your home as well. Specifically, the carpet should be examined to determine whether it is worn or torn. Also consider whether the carpet and other floor coverings bunch up or slide when you walk on them. You may want to have a professional come into the home to complete this assessment. People who purchase Camel homes for sale should note that they can easily update the carpet of their property to optimize safety. As you begin making updates, remember to only purchase carpets, mats, and rugs that feature slip-resistant padding.

4. Make The Bathroom Safer

grab bar in carmel home bathroomSeniors with balance dysfunctions may find themselves relying on a towel bar or wall surface for support while in the bathroom. Yet if your hand slips, this habit could result in a fall. To prevent this from happening, install a grab rail that goes around the perimeter of your bathroom wall. 

Another safety measure you can implement is replacing your tub. These tubs can be dangerous given that you have to step over the edge to get inside. Rather than using the traditional tub, consider the value of replacing the structure with a walk-in shower.

Don't Delay: Start Preparing Your Home Today!

Your senior years should be a time in which you enjoy life to the fullest. To ensure that you can, it's important to make your home as safe as possible. Utilize some or all of the simple strategies outlined above to begin the home optimization process right now. If you want to look at Carmel homes for sale, contact us.

May 20, 2017

Stillwater Cove

stillwater cove in pebble beachIndividuals who have thought about purchasing Ocean view homes in Pebble Beach should know that doing so will grant them access to one of the region's most scenic areas: Stillwater Cove. Filled with numerous attractions and recreational activities, this region will keep you and your family active and alive during vacation season or throughout the entire year should you choose to settle here permanently. 

Beautiful Beaches

public beach at Stillwater CoveOne of the biggest benefits of buying Ocean view homes in Pebble Beach is that doing so situates you near the public beach at Stillwater Cove. The beach extends out below the community's golf course and is filled with beautiful white sand. Individuals who enjoy the active lifestyle can scuba dive when they visit the beach, and touring companies will oftentimes make kayaking tours available. Those who prefer to rest and relax on the beach can sunbathe and take in the beautiful scenery without moving a muscle!

Tourist Attractions

stillwater cove fishing in pebble beachAnother great attribute of Stillwater is that it offers you an incredible view from the pier. When you look to the west, you'll see the strands of kelp and rocky pinnacle that define the Pescadero Rocks. To the right you'll see Pescadero Point as well as the "Castle House." This large pink house is the most famous, expensive home in the Pebble Beach region. As the site for several movies, the House is a wonderful tourist attraction that you can visit to learn more about the entertainment world and how Stillwater has contributed to its evolution. Some other great attractions of Stillwater include the exclusive Beach and Tennis Club and Arrowhead Point.


perch fish in stillwater cove Another great reason to choose the Stillwater region is that the environment is conducive to fishing. In fact, many people enjoy fishing for fin fish when they visit the region. Some of the most common fish include the striped Seaperch and Blackperch. Rockfish show up occasionally, and visitors might also spot a few Lingcod and Cabezon. Some of the other fish one might come across include the flatfish, bat rays, and leopard sharks.


stillwater cove golf course Individuals who love the world of golfing should know that Stillwater is home to the Pebble Beach Golf Course. This is one of the world's most beautiful and famous golf courses, and the 4th hole is located right next to the shoreline. If you're looking to build strong relationships with people in the local area, consider joining the Stillwater Yacht Club. The SYC is a dynamic community of people who enjoy sailing, cooking, gardening, and various other social activities.

Summing It All Up

If you're serious about visiting or settling in a region conducive to healthy, happy living, now is the time to consider Stillwater. Whether you enjoy the active lifestyle or leisurely times on a beautiful beach, this is the ideal setting in which to enjoy yourself. By purchasing Ocean view homes in Pebble Beach now, you can get on the road to living life to the fullest!

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