Baby proofing efforts are trending by many parents today because they know that most accidents around the home involving their babies, can be prevented. In fact, safety for one’s baby in your Monterey home is the title of one website post that reminds parents to always have stove guards in the kitchen so babies and other small children do not accidentally turn on gas stoves or get burned on hot electric ranges. Tips for keeping kids safe are trending at a time when most emergency room visits for infants and toddlers are linked to preventable accidents around the home. During winter especially, people tend to stay indoors more. Though Monterey, home to a Mediterranean climate that affords one more frequent outdoor activities, one will still be housebound during times of rain.

Keeping kids safe inside one’s home

While the Internet has a lot of good data on how best to keep children safe at home, the buck still stops with parents who must pay full attention to known dangers for infants and toddlers. For instance, there is a lot of hard data available from the baby's doctor or pediatrician about how to avoid potential dangers in and around the house. It is known that baby injuries and even death can reside in the physical structure of one’s home without being aware of it. The solution, say baby doctors commenting online, is to “get smart” on how to prevent unwanted child dangers in and around the home.

Baby home safety measures include:

- Establish a family safety plan that helps all family members to identify and understand what’s dangerous to touch in a home’s kitchen or bathroom. Keeping cleaning supplies and other dangerous chemicals locked up or out of reach is a good starting place.

- Ensure there are zero “slip and trip” hazards in living areas where an infant may trip and fall. Install safety gate on steps, for example. Beware of loose area rugs that can pose a tripping hazard or door thresholds that can cause a tumble.

- Have easy access to emergency numbers to call. Quick access to a local “Poison Control Center” is golden when a home has infant who may be tempted to taste from attractive colorful packaging fluids that maybe be poisonous.

- Use safety lights wherever babies are sleeping or playing to ensure there is enough light for the kids to play safely; while also allowing parents or other infant minders to have a clear view of the child at play, eating or at sleep. Baby monitors can allow you to listen in from another room or even those with a camera to keep a watchful eye from another part of the house.

Overall, there are many common sense home safety measures that parents must pay full attention to or risk serious or life-threatening injuries to their babies enjoying life at home.