santa cruz mountain homesMany of you remember this childhood rhyme: “Good night, sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

That little poem has been around for many, many years. The exact origin is not really known, although bed bugs were becoming a problem in the late 1800’s. Unfortunately, these pests are still around after all these generations. And bed bugs are not just discovered in dirty, poor dwellings. Bed bugs like to set up house in very tony neighborhoods, too, even in sprawling hotels and luxury real estate in Carmel, California.

Bed bugs in luxury real estate in Carmel, California?

Yes, indeed. Bed bug infestations appear to be on the rise for possibly a few reasons, according to a former Newsweek magazine article. Number one--complacency. Two--increased resistance. Three--bans on pesticides. And 4--increased international travel.

So, what’s the best way to eradicate these nasty, little, blood suckers from luxury real estate in Carmel, California? First, let’s see if you have a bed bug problem:

  1. Look for bites on your body. Sometimes these pests can leave behind bites in 3 places. Itchy, yes, but don’t scratch. Put on some hydrocortisone cream.
  2. Look for dark spots on the bed linen or box spring. The spots are the waste from the bed bugs.
  3. Look for blood spot on your sheets. They are dining on your blood.
  4. Look for them. They are hard to find—about the size of an apple seed and brownish-rust in color. Look around the headboards night table, lampshades, even behind picture frames, etc. These bugs like to feed between 3 AM and 5 AM.
  5. Trap them by laying down double-sided carpet tape around your bed and the sides of your mattress. Eventually, you will snare a few if you‘ve got them lurking around.

Now, let’s get busy! You can go the chemical route and hire an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs from luxury real estate in Carmel, California. But you can also try gentler ways. One of these is using an organic powder known as  Diatomaceuous Earth Food Grade – Nature’s Wisdom. Sprinkle the food-grade powder in a perimeter around your room.

Steaming your carpet, mattress and box spring and any other nooks and crannies is another method for eradicating bed bugs from luxury real estate in Carmel, California.

An over-the-counter organic bug spray called “Bed Bug Rid” has gotten high marks for being effective and safe around children and pets. The spray is under $20 a bottle and is a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly option that exterminates bed-bugs without the use of pesticides.

Getting rid of bed bugs at luxury real estate in Monterey, California can be a challenging problem, but the Environmental Planning Agency or EPA suggests that "prevention and non-chemical treatment of infestations is the best way to avoid or eliminate a bed-bug problem."