A Pebble Beach home is not unlike those in similar California communities in that the exterior color scheme of the home can impact its value. This becomes especially important if the home is to be put up for sale.

The colors on the outside of your Pebble Beach home have the potential to disinterest buyers soon after pulling up to your property. Since painting the exterior of a home is a substantial home improvement, buyers will often completely disregard a home due to its exterior color scheme or submit a substantially lower offer than the seller would like to receive. Therefore, it's wise to be aware of the best home color choices in 2016 before splashing on the paint, which are shades of cream, yellow, green, blue and gray. However, it’s the color combinations that truly impact your home’s curb appeal.

Here are 5 color combinations to get you started:

  1. Light to medium yellow siding; white trim; sage green door; terra-cotta porch

  2. Sage green siding; cream trim; terra-cotta door; cream porch

  3. Slate gray siding; white trim; burgundy door; dark mahogany wood stain on porch

  4. Blue siding; antique white or beige trim; colonial maple door; antique white porch

  5. Light gray siding; dark gray trim; white door; white porch

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