Buying a home in Pebble Beach is going to be a committed purchase for most any homeowner. These properties are high caliber and high priced asking buyers to take careful consideration of how they plan to approach the market. The median home price is between $750,000 to $1,000,000, that said the abundance of available homes is decent and the community is very aesthetically pleasing not to mention safe, well maintained, and blessed with fair weather year round. Those looking to buy should consider the seasonal changes in the market first and foremost. Spring and summer tend to experience huge booms in listings. Families tend to move during this time because it integrates well with the school year, summer vacation offers an excellent slot for moving before the fall semester begins. This period of time will experience the most listing abundance but also generally the most intense competition for home buying. That said it’s hard to recommend the fall buying season to families because of the hassle with school integration which implies that mid-summer would probably be the best time to buy, as spring tends to experience very intense market activity. For couples without children and those who are single, Research by RealtyTrac has suggested that October experiences the lowest housing prices of the year, this month also tends to be the time of year that listings are beginning to fall off and home buying interest falls into decline. Because of this dampening in buyer interest competition also declines which translates to buyers having less hassle and lower housing costs. Generally listings hit an all-time low during the Christmas season in December and tend to increase again during the spring buying season which starts at the beginning of January, these are probably the least appealing times to buy for most any demographic.