Life in Pebble Beach, Ca. is as carefree as a deer grazing by the road next to a golf course that rests on the majestic cliff formations over-looking the Pacific Ocean. In fact, that accurately describes the exact lifestyle one can expect to experience as a typical Pebble Beach visitor or resident.

Pebble Beach has long been considered one of California's favorite getaway destinations for the rich and/or famous. The unincorporated community rests along the picturesque Monterey Peninsula. In the sports and travel worlds, the area is noteworthy for its eight beautiful championship golf courses that include Cypress Point Club, Monterey Peninsula Country Club, Spyglass Hill and the world renowned Pebble Beach Golf Links. 

For a relaxing sight-seeing adventure during the day, the 17-Mile Drive takes visitors along 17 miles of the most beautiful coastline in the United States. Through the affluent communities of Carmel and Pebble Beach, people will see an array of beautiful mansions, some of the area's featured golf courses, and scenic attractions like Bird Rock, the Lone Cypress tree and Cypress Point. During the evenings, visitors can avail themselves of some wonderfully quaint hotels along with a number of fine dining restaurants that cater to customers who enjoy the best life has to offer.

As peaceful and enjoyable as Pebble Beach is to visit, it also offers an ideal place to live for affluent individuals and families who want or need a place to serve as a retreat. With a Pebble Beach home in one of America's finest gated communities, a resident can live in anonymity and seclusion as they blend into an environment of like-minded individuals. For those who might be a bit more adventurous, there are plenty of beautiful Pebble Beach homes that front along one of the area's golf courses or overlook the Pacific coastline with breath-taking views.

There is no denying the prestige of owning a Pebble Beach home. With prices ranging from $600,000 for an entry level condominium to over $25.0 million for one of the area's exquisite mansions, there is a little something available for anyone with a taste for living in luxury. Many of the area's homes are considered to be architectural marvels that would stack up against some of the most spectacular homes in the world.

One of the great aspects about owning a Pebble Beach home is the way property maintains its value. With as few as 4,500 residents living in the area, the demand for said homes is always in excess of the supply of homes available for purchase. There aren't many places in this world that can offer such a solid investment.

At the end of the day, Pebble Beach is an ideal destination for retirement or for the snowbirds who want to retreat from the mountains during the coldest days of winter. People who live here are making a clear statement about the peaceful lifestyle they desire. People who visit here leave with the dream of one day returning to live. Call California Coastal Home to learn more about getting a home in Pebble Beach today at (831) 818-7524!