After it was set aside as America’s biggest national haven for marine life, accessibility as a visitor park has finally become a reality for Monterey Bay Sanctuary .

The anticipated visitor center project has undergone a decade of extensive preparation and fundraising headed by the officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with Santa Cruz city chiefs.

Monterey Bay Visitor Exploration CenterThe visitor center will have a gift shop, a theater showing films about wildlife and history of Monterey Bay, a classroom and office facilities, as well as a floor with telescopes looking out over the ocean. Other sorts of displays will say the human historical past, nature, watersheds and geology of the bay. There also will be reproduction of tide pools with sounds of seagulls, loud waves and the barks of sea lions.

Entrance is free as well as maps of the sanctuary, the beaches, along with specifics of where to surf, the hike trails and savor other sorts of fun.

The construction permanently blocked offshore oil drilling from the Marin Headlands to Hearst Castle, guaranteeing new rights for the ocean along 275 miles of California's coastline.

Now America’s 7th National Marine Sanctuary to have a visitor exploration center, Monterey Bay is a great place to view the spectacular plummeting submerged canyons, soaring kelp forested acres and spectacular flora and fauna considered the equal to Yosemite National Park.