I was recently reading about the tragic death of a local Bonny Doon person. Bonny Doon for those of you who have never lived there or been there is a bucolic slice of life that has a decidedly slow pace in Santa Cruz, CA. It is country, but it's citizens are not. Great area to be an artist or artisan or hi-tech person as the natural beauty gives rise to creative thought.

For young kids it is a place to escape from, as like many country locations, the city lights always draw those with dreams and aspirations. Sometimes when those are realized, they come back to their roots where their quiet thoughts draw strength from the beauty of nature.

So I digress, back to the dastardly event, which thankfully did not occur in Bonny Doon. Real estate in Bonny Doon has been blemished many decades past and even now has some unwanted interest from a different event. The tragic loss of this girls life was something I am sure will make a CSI TV program sometime. The perp ingloriously placed the body missing all normal identification parts missing at at disposal site. Must have been a hell of a person to remove all body parts that one normally are used by the police for identification, ie finger prints and dental. Hopefully that person will be mauled by a grizzley or get run over by a big truck and die a slow painful death.

The part that caught my attention was that this person was identified by her breast implants. Now imagine that. So the next time I get lazer surgury or a molar or new kidney will there be an lazer etched ID or something in my body or organ? Interesting to ponder anyways.

I would have never expected to find that as a lead source for indentification. Talk about big brother, this is something along the same lines I guess. Who knows, probably when current babies are born, our DNA is indexed and we will forever be identifiable. The good thing is that with the identification, they know the associations, and have a suspect. So the next time you have some sort of addition to your body,know that it may be the clue that leads to your identification should you meet your demise. This could be useful to people who get lost in the woods and perish, or Alzheimers patients who wander off and are not found till years later, to plane crash victims.