Was reading in the local paper as I was thinking about the Watsonville real estate market. The homes in Watsonville have taken a big hit, and the economy there in general is not good, giving to a rise in crime.

So kudos to a citizen of Watsonville who saw a burgulary in progress on a car. The citizen called 911 informed police of the crime and followed the perp in their car to report the location of the criminals transfer point.

The police apprehended the suspect and arrested him. If it were not for the citizen, the Watsonville Police would have no chance of getting this crime solved as they have few resources for this type of theft. So a big KUDOS to the Watsonville resident who reported a crime. They could have gone on their merry way and just lamented the fact.

If citizens do not act to get rid of the bad behavior like this, we all would have another foul taste in our mouth. It takes courage to reach out take risk. As citizens it is up to us each individually to take responsibility for making things better.

I was just speaking with a Seabright Santa Cruz resident who just had his car broken into and his electronics, GPS stolen. Unfortunately no one reported that and he is out his deductible and the grief of dealing with the insurance company.

Be sure to put your electronics away so they are not visible. If you see something suspicious, call the following agencies either on 811 for an immediate response, or if it is to report a general problem the following numbers.

Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Office (831)471-1121

City of Santa Cruz Police 471-1131

Watsonville Police (831)768-3300

You can make a difference. Thanks