termite treatment californiaTermites. They ain’t too pretty, but boy, can these small insects with a huge appetite for everything wooden, leave an incredible path of destruction all over Pacific Grove real estate and other parts of northern California.

The crazy thing is termite treatment is not a California law when selling a home. Should it matter?


A seasoned realtor from Pacific Grove would tell you that currently when a buyer makes an initial offer, he or she can request for a termite report to be done and for work to be completed at the cost of the seller. The seller can agree or ask the buyer to pay for it. It is considered a negotiable thing.

A mortgage broker would also say this---Termite treatment is only required if: a) the purchase contract requires it (negotiated between buyer and seller) or b) the lender requires it. If a termite clause is spelled out in your purchase contract it may only require the inspection. Then that would usually  become a requirement by the lending bank that the report to be clear prior to close of escrow.

termitesSo, there are a lot of ifs ands/or buts when it comes to terminating termites invading Pacific Grove real estate and other parts of northern California.

If you can walk into your newly purchased home with an all clear, then that’s a good thing. A very good thing. Just because you have a clearance doesn’t mean they won’t be back next year though. Many pest inspection company’s offer after sale service, to check annually and treat for termites.

Western subterranean termites are the kind that enjoy destroying many parts of beautiful California. These little rascals can cause heavy structural timber damage to homes across northern California, including beautiful neighborhoods in communities like Santa Cruz, Carmel, Monterey, Pacific Grove real estate, Big Sur and areas beyond.

Entomologists will tell you that western subterranean termites thrive in a moist dark environment. Moisture and humidity control are key to the wood-ingesting insects’ survival.

Douglas fir which is recognized as a common building timber for construction across Pacific Grove real estate and other parts of northern California, just happens to be a favorite wood to chew by western subterranean termites.

termitesConsider this little nugget of termite talk. One termite colony may contain more than a million termites foraging over a 12,000 square feet range, and actively feeding on trees, buildings and other timber structures. It’s quite frightening to imagine it, and to realize that it’s going on rather silently and secretly by this entomological tribe of wood-eating warriors.

And if you think you’re not affected, think again. Research shows that more than 1 in 5 homes in the urban areas of most northern California cities, including gorgeous Pacific Grove real estate have been, or will be attacked at some time by these busy, little insects.

The best advice for the prospective homeowner is to get a professional termite inspector no matter who pays for it. Get a termite report or clearance for your Pacific Grove real estate. That way you can sleep easy at night in your new home surrounded by a solid structure.