Carmel Townhome or Condominium Living 

When shopping for a new home, one of the biggest decisions involves choosing the type, after your location decision. If you’re considering a condominium or townhome, here is what you need to know to help you decide if either will be a proper fit.

Definition of a Condo

A condominium, generally referred to as a condo, and is similar to an apartment: It is one unit in a building that has multiple dwellings. The difference is that you own a condo but rent an apartment. However, a condo is usually confined to one level. Normally they will have one or two balcony's.

Condo Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of moving into a condo is that you won’t have to worry about any exterior repairs or maintenance issues because they will be handled by the association. Depending on the condo, you can also save on utility bills. That’s because the association often covers part of them. Many also come with amenities such as fitness centers and security services. Some Carmel condominiums for sale include cable TV, water and garbage include in the HOA fee. Because the cost of the land is divided amongst the units a developer can often have a superior location available at an attractive price. A Carmel condominium with an ocean view comes at a considerably better price than that of a home.

Having the exterior maintenance taken care of makes a condo ideal for people who have busy lives and don’t have time to spend on upkeep. Additionally, people of a mature age, and those with health conditions, often choose condos because they don’t have to worry about the physical effort it takes to deal with repairs and maintenance. However, active people enjoy Carmel condo living as well because they can take advantage of on-site fitness centers. Additionally, the potential security factor holds appeal for single adults, families with children, and Carmel seniors alike. Many complexes will have elevators when they're over 2 levels. Some Carmel condominiums have secure gated entrances, while others, have secure doors that require a key or card to enter. Others have their garages attached or secured parking so you can enter your home or condominium building securely.

Condo Disadvantages

Condo living can come with compromises in privacy. You might have to listen to noise that travels through ceilings, floor and walls. How distracting this might be, and how much sound you’ll have to deal with, depends on the luck of the draw and how considerate your neighbors are. Recreational space is limited. If you do get yard space, you will have to share it. Parking can be difficult, unless the building has designated spaces or a communal garage. There are with most complexes an allowance for pets, so size and number can be factor in your decision. Unfortunately barking dogs are a nuisance whether you own a home or condominium, or townhome in Carmel.

Definition of a Townhome

The terms townhome and townhouse refer to the same type of dwelling. They're often used interchangeably with the term condo. While they both offer the same type of lifestyle, there are some differences. Townhomes are connected to each other and form a row. A townhouse has multiple levels while a condo has one. Since condos aren’t always ground floor units, they usually don’t come with yard space while a townhome usually has a small backyard or patio, small front lawn, or both.

Townhomes come with most of the same advantages and disadvantages that condos have, especially in regards to privacy and maintenance. They do offer some other benefits and challenges.

Townhome Advantages

Because townhomes are attached to each other, townhouses are more like a home and give one a bit more privacy in my opinion. No one will be above you. Maintenance costs are generally covered by home owners associations. Since townhomes generally cost less than single-family homes, you can get the space and multi-level lifestyle of a single-family residence without the price tag. Townhomes have the benefit of living like a traditional multi-story home, but without the maintenance of a single family home.

Townhome Disadvantages

Buyers with an imaginative eye who picture themselves tearing down walls and wanting to add or change windows and door sizes or locations, can find townhome living too restrictive because they are usually part of a planned living development. This means that all renovations need approval from the home owners association. You won’t even be able to change exterior paint colors without prior consent. These developments can be called "PUD's, or planned unit developments or PD's planned developments. Vertical living and numerous stairs might present problems for people with health issues. You will likely need board approval for the type of windows or features that will be visible from the outside. You may have to pay for some of the exterior upkeep such as decks, or an enclosed backyard.

When evaluating your personal preferences between a condo, townhouse or single-family home, consider financing and resale aspects as well. While townhomes are generally more affordable than single-family residences, their resale value can lag behind too in certain markets. Additionally, it can be more difficult to secure financing for townhouses and condominiums because of banking regulations in regards to occupancy rates. On the other hand, these factors can work in your favor, especially when bargaining with sellers.

Carmel California townhomes for sale come in a wide range of styles. What I find most often are the considerations for people buying a townhome in Carmel come down to location, price and whether they want to deal with a HOA. Often times we Americans like to make our choices and not be ruled over. So for many the decision is that they don't want to deal with an HOA, but have to balance their budget reality with the location they choose. Contact us regarding the Carmel condominiums and townhomes for sale and where you'd like to be.

Carmel condominiums tend to be in a few areas, let us know the type of location you prefer and we'll see what's available. Happy condominium shopping in the Monterey Bay area !