Seniors Resources in Monterey and Carmel

Thinking of retiring in Carmel? How about retiring in Monterey or Pacific Grove instead? There are a number of things to consider in a retirement. The first, I think, should be to have fun, the second should be to have a plan for things, including your health. As we all know some things outlast us, and we hope our money is sure one of them.

The thing about retirement is that sometimes unforseen things come along. These will include health, living locations, mobility and the ability to drive. So as one examines their family tree and starts to make decisions early, the outcome will generally be better with future planning.seniors_at_the_beach_400

Long Term Care Insurance....this is insurance that you should be buying in your 50's for taking care of your long term health care issues. Living in an assisted living facility is a great way to go, but is expensive and this insurance will cover those sorts of things.

Reverse Mortgage... these are a great tool to get income when you have either failed to plan adequately for your post retirement years, or something drastic befalls you. Reverse mortgages use your home equity as a piggy bank to pay for your living expenses. These are good for certain situations.

Advanced Healthcare Directives..... so we all know death and taxes are inevitable... but sometimes living isn't living, it is existing.... This document details what is to be done to "save" you when your time has come. Sometimes it comes..... but medical science "saves" you when you really might be better in heaven. There are times when you can't make conscious or sound decisions and this appoints someone else to do so, and gives guidance to following your wishes. You choose who that person should be, and what you want done when the time comes...You might want to file a copy of your Advanced Healthcare Directive California so someone at the state level knows your intentions in case you don't have close heirs.To fill out a State of California Advanced Health Care Directive Form, you will be able to fill it out here on line. It is best to have a copy with your legal documents and in a safe place. Keep it available as you may need to update it time to time.

seniors golfing in monterey In Home Care or out of home care... the decision in part rests on your physical and mental state. It is best to have an assessment to see what is best. Many prefer to age in place in their home. If you would like an evaluation of your home, I can make suggestions on items of safety and things you might wish to change or consider to make your life easier as time goes along. Some of these items are things like ramps, motion sensors, security health alert systems or lower counters, etc. Give Gregg Camp, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist a call at 831-818-7524 a call for an appointment.

Hospice Care..... sometimes we hear for whom the bells toll, and want to be comfortable on this last leg of our journey, hospice is the answer.

Hospice care of Monterey County helps provide care and assistance with this journey. Look into this as it is an invaluable assistance with the final journey.

Senior Centers on the Monterey Peninsula

Monterey Senior Center
280 Dickman Ave Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 646-3700

Pacific Grove Senior Center
700 Jewell Ave.
Pacific Grove, CA 93950 Telehone - 831.375.4454

Carmel Senior Center

Carmel Foundation
Lincoln Street xst 8th
P. O. Box 1050
Carmel, CA 93921
Phone: 831.624.1588

Seaside Senior Center
Oldemeyer Center 986 Hillby Avenue,
Seaside, CA 93955
(831) 899-6339

Low Income Rentals in Monterey for Seniors

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Over 55+ Communities on the Monterey Peninsula

Thinking of buying in an over 55 community? Search here for over 55+ age communities you might want to call home.

 Here are some over 55+ Senior homes for sale in the Monterey Bay area.

Give Gregg Camp, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist a call at 831-818-7524 a call for an appointment.